Training people
to solve problems.

Coaching, corporate workshops, and incubation programs to help you overcome the challenges holding you back.

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We help you build the skills you need to solve your problems, through:

Customized Training

Every individual and company is different, so we tailor our training approach to you. We understand your needs and goals to create customized training plans that work for you.


Essential Problem-Solving Tools

The right problem-solving approach can help you make progress almost anywhere. Learn research-based problem-solving approaches that can help you at work and at home.

Who We Are

Paradigm was founded in 2015 to develop education programs that help ambitious, altruistic people become extremely effective.

Over 5 years of research, we've discovered an amazing set of problem-solving tools.

By sharing these tools, we hope to help people become more effective by overcoming the challenges holding them back.

What We Do

We offer training for individuals and teams.

Our training services help people solve their most pressing problems while building problem-solving skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

We help people build skills like:

  • Clear thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Planning and project management

And solve and manage problems like:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Social anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Difficult career transitions
Our Services

Individual Coaching — Boost your well-being and effectiveness by working on with a coach on the problems in your life you want to solve.

Corporate Training — Help your company succeed by giving your employees the skills they need to solve on-the-job problems.

Incubation Services — Found a successful start-up by getting the motivational and strategic support you crave through 1-1 training.

Problem-solving skills everywhere you need them. Our tools, techniques, and frameworks can help people get unstuck at the individual, the company, and the team level.

More About Us

Support for you. How coaching can help —

Individuals sometimes feel like they struggle to get traction when they try to work on the problems holding them back. Work with a Paradigm coach today, to help you use essential problem-solving tools to solve the challenges you face.

Support for your team. How corporate training can help —

Companies need employees who can handle the most challenging problems they face. Invest in corporate training to help employees gain the skills they need to solve on-the-job problems and help your company succeed.

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